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Summer Fun Time

Aug. 5, 2017, 7:43 p.m.

It's time for some summer fun! Get your beach gear ready with new costumes, accessories and a brand new gacha with unique and flashy items!

Summer Fun Gacha

Summer The summer weather has permitted inhabitants from far away lands to visit Blue Land, they are the HiJi Ambassadors seeking your help in Alker Harbor.
Should you help them they have great rewards in store for you!

Summer They seek a unique item, Iridescent Seashells, a magical item that is used as a tribute to the sea gods.
Unfortunately, they're hard to find. Most of them have been hoarded by Redbeard and his crew!
After following the HiJi ships to Blue Land he landed ashore Nera's Harbor, seeking more treasure to plunder.

Summer Defeat Redbeard and his crew to collect Iridescent Seashells (Lv 115+) and find his hidden treasures all around Nera lands (any level) including Nera's Harbor, The Great Garden, Nera's Graveyard, Sahel and Fairy Valley.

Good luck in your treasure quest!

The in-game event lasts until September 1st