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Job Name Level
Geoh 150
Misshy 150
rXAzero 150
fafavin 150
Aventis 150

Winter Tide

Dec. 25, 2017, 6:33 a.m.
Christmas The winter tide is back and it snowed Alker Harbor and Nera Castle in!
Seasonal items and friendly snowmen are back in the Gem Store until January 20th so don't miss out!
Winter Event
Our friends from Winter's Edge are back to visit us once again and the Ice Queen's threat continues to follow them around.
Assist the guards with maintaining the looming threat of permafrost in Nera Harbor(Lv 110-135) in check and collect Crystallized Snowflakes for great rewards!

Emmy Offers the following items in exchange for snowflakes:
  • 5 Cookies & 5 Milk for 1
  • Blue Santa Coat (30 days) for 30
  • Red Santa Coat (30 days) for 30
  • Blue Santa Hat (30 days) for 30
  • Blue Santa Gloves (30 days) for 30
  • Blue Santa Boots (30 days) for 30
  • Blue Santa Suit (30 days) for 50
  • Blue Santa Hat (untradeable) for 100
  • Blue Santa Gloves (untradeable) for 100
  • Blue Santa Boots (untradeable) for 100
  • Blue Santa Suit (untradeable) for 500
  • Blue Santa Coat (untradeable) for 500
  • Red Santa Coat (untradeable) for 500

Pet manuals for crafting seasonal toy pets can be obtained from Jackson and require materials dropped from all kinds of monsters, simply read the manual to find what you need!

Have fun and happy holidays!

The in-game event lasts until January 15th