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Job Name Level
Bowstring 150
Geoh 150
iFooFighters 150
Misshy 150
rXAzero 150

Patch 1.7.1

July 31, 2018, 11:54 p.m.

Patch 1.7.1

A new patch is live full of new features, improvements, balance changes and bug fixes. For a detailed patch list visit our forum.
If you find any bugs please report them as soon as possible on our Discord or bug report section.

Summer Solstice Event

Summer Solstice is back! This year the pirates have brought new items to Blue Land. Help fight them off in Nera Harbor and seek their hidden treasures all around Nera maps.

Collect Iridescent Shells and exchange them for a cute swimsuit and other summer accessories in Alker Harbor!

Oasis of Parasus

The next Parasus map is open and brings new dangers and exciting loot!
Fight all new monsters and bosses for this next chapter in Blue Land.

Parasus Zones Guide