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Bowstring 150
Geoh 150
iFooFighters 150
Misshy 150
rXAzero 150

Flora Festival

May 6, 2019, 10:50 a.m.
Lunar New Year

Mana Blossom Season

Happy Flora Festival! Everything is blooming, including the ever rare Mana Blossoms all over Blue Land and especially Fairy Valley.

The Magician's League is collecting blossoms and will reward anyone who brings them some! Speak to Eleanor in Alker Harbor to find out more.
Costumes, wings and trinkets can be collected during this event. All items are permanent and account bound.

Fairy Valley Threat

You might have noticed that Fairy Valley looks very different. Thanks to Farouk and the Magician's League the valley was restored and purified of draconian corruption.
The purification spell opened up new channels of pure magic changing the look of the valley forever.

Unfortunately, Farouk didn't predict the hunger of the plantis for pure magic leaving a new threat to the valley.
The fairies are pleading you to join the fight to retake the valley from the Mana Gorged Plantis and their conjured Twisted Mirror Image of the Fairy Queen.
So, what are you waiting for? A new adventure awaits!

Event ends on the 25th of May
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