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Summer Solstice is here!

July 12, 2019, 3:02 a.m.
Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice & South Seas Pirate Invasion

Happy Summer Solstice! Visitors from the far islands of HiJi have come to collect rare Iridescent Seashells that wash ashore only during Summer Solstice.
While these visitors are nice, the South Seas Pirates invading Nera Harbor not so much... Wisy has asked for help repelling them!

Visit Alker Harbor to find out more about these magical seashells and how to get your rewards!
Costumes, wings and accessories can be collected during this event. All items are permanent and account bound.

Treasure Hunt Event

During Summer Solstice forgotten buried treasure starts to resurface thanks to the low tides. Wiff has organized a treasure hunt for everyone to join!

Wait for an event announcement saying location and channel to join the fun~

Summer EXP Weekends

Weekends during July and August are receiving an EXP rate boost to keep the heat wave at bay!
Every weekend from Friday to Monday EXP will get boosted to x200 and Party EXP to x300~

Event ends on the 1st of August, EXP Weekends end on the 2nd of September
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