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3JAN 150

Hallows' Eve & Day of the Dead

Oct. 28, 2019, midnight
Hallows Eve

Dancing with the Dead

A new addition to Hallows' Eve is here~
The Day of the Dead brings a new outfit to your wardrobe and a fun new event.

During this festive period the event [Dancing with the Dead] will happen hourly.
Players are invited to seek offering altars for the dead, upon finding them the spirits will make you dance! If you please them they will give you a nice reward~ However... if they get annoyed they will spawn a nasty surprise!
Will you be able to please the spirits with your dancing skills?

Witching Hour

Have you heard? Witches have been rising the dead in Ghost Tree Swamp, and with it the haunting Soul Eater!
Brave adventurers are needed to cull the rising dead. Grave risks carry grave rewards (no pun intended), Francisco in Alker Harbor will exchange Voodoo Dolls for fun costumes and items.

Trick or Treating

Pumpkins filled with candy have sprouted all over! What are you waiting for? It's time for some trick or treating, go forth and visit friendly NPCs and homes around the Blue Land for delicious empowering sweets~

Event ends on the 12th of November