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Happy 12th Anniversary!

Oct. 20, 2022, midnight
Anniversary Events

Happy 12th Anniversary Celestia Luna!

Another year has come and gone and our server and community still stands strong.
We hope you found happy moments and new friendships in Blue Land with us, and are excited for all the things yet to come!
We wish you all good health and strength in real life, and good fortune to your Philosopher's stones in Blue Land~
We hope to continue seeing you grow and have fun with us, thank you for making Celestia Luna Online what it is today!

Hallows' Eve at the Witching Hour

Hallows' Eve is here! Francisco & Maria are back in Alker Harbor asking for help with risen undead plaguing Ghost Tree Swamp once again!
Join the fun and pick up event tokens that can be exchanged for seasonal goodies... But beware... The zombies get stronger during this time of the year... Any adventurer not high level enough should not try to fight these alone!

Perhaps you'd rather collect candy in peace while in town? We've got you covered~ Find candy filled pumpkins all over Alker Harbor & Nera Castle and make that sweet tooth happy!

The ghosts come out to play

During this time of the year it's not only the zombies that come out of the ground! Maria has set up altars where you can pay tribute to your ancestors and maybe they will bless you with a gift! ... or become angry and send a punishment instead!
Join "Dancing with the Dead" every hour to find altars and try your chance at rewards~.

Event ends on the 20th of November
Hallows' Eve Guide

Anniversary Rewards

Anniversary Rewards

Make sure to login during the event period to receive goodies and celebratory daily login rewards & enjoy increased EXP rates and super boosted Party EXP rates!