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Yule Festivities are here!

Dec. 23, 2022, noon
winter tide

Merry Winter Tide & Happy New Year!

Grandfather Winter is once again visiting Blue Land and spreading joy and cheer all throughout, leaving presents and candy for all adventurers alike~

North Pole emissaries are awaiting in Alker Harbor with missives and quests for seasoned adventurers to take on the very dangerous permafrost invaders commanded by their cold & beautiful queen... It was heard they were trying to take over Blue Land from the port of Nera Harbor, spreading their ice with a bone chilling snow storm...

What is that shiny box? Grandfather Winter left a present just for you! Check your Item Mall Warehouse when you log in during the event period for a joyful gift~

Collect all the event goodies with more than 7 costumes, 12 different pets that you can craft & a plethora of cute accessories and consumables!

Event ends on the 20th of January

Full Event Guide