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Happy Lunar New Year!

Feb. 15, 2023, midnight
lunar new year

Celebratory Festivities

Visit Chen, Hua & Tu in Alker Harbor and find out about festival activities and events you can participate in~

Hunt legendary bosses and runaway dumplings to get lucky red envelopes filled with new zodiac items & costumes!

Event ends on the 6th of March

Full Event Guide

New Daily Login Rewards

Love themed rewards ara available until May 20th including brand new Big Heart Balloons, a pink Shapka and a pink Bunbun pet to collect!

Gem Store Additions & Costume Runes

New seasonal items & updated costumes are available in the Gem Store!
Costume Runes are now fully compatible with all Gem Store & Gacha costumes~ Dress up any way you like without losing set effects!