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Happy Summer!

Aug. 10, 2023, noon
Summer Solstice

Summer heat at its peak!

Visitors from the far islands of HiJi have come back to collect rare Iridescent Seashells that wash ashore only during Summer Solstice every year~
While these visitors are nice, the South Seas Pirates invading Nera Harbor came back for another round... Wisy has asked for your hand in repelling them once again!

Buried Treasure & Fishing Extravaganza are back! Join hourly treasure hunts or fish your time away for fun rewards.

Treasure Hunts end on August 31st. Pirate Invaders & Fishing Extravaganza ends on September 10th.
Summer Solstice Guide

Summer Solstice

The slimes are back at it again!

The Multiverse Gang is awaiting you at the docks of Alker Harbor for more slimey fun!
Couldn't get the amazing accessories they offer last time? Now is your chance to get the clucking hat and duck beak and a set of fashionably colored clothing~

Agitated colorful slime invaders?? You heard that right! It's time to gear up to whack some slimes~

Slimes in the Dark Forest ends on September 10th.
Multiverse Explorers Guide

EXP Boost is back

Time to level up those characters & try new classes! EXP Boost is back with x200 EXP & x250 Party EXP until September 10th~

Daily Login Rewards

Our yearly anniversary reward track lands early! Collect special tickets by logging in every day / exchange them for any past daily login reward of your choice~ With a special bonus item designed by one of our own players! (Reward track set to change on August 11th)

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