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Job Name Level
Geoh 150
Misshy 150
rXAzero 150
fafavin 150
Aventis 150

Job Passive Skills Patch

Feb. 12, 2018, 3:50 p.m.


  • Added job passive skills. Check this topic to see which skill each job gets.
    • Passives with % effects may not show on your character stats window but they do work.
    • All players above level 19 were given their job passive skills accordingly.


  • Changed the Wedding Bouquet from Amorous Panda in Nera Harbor to 3 days at the price of 3M gold.
  • Fixed(increased) Holy Crusader's Staff enchant bonus.
  • Changed Cloak of the Kingdom Knights to be able to be stored.
  • Changed The Skirts of Feira cloak model to a more unique one.
  • Philosopher stones can now be used with guns.
  • Added new Gem Store items.


  • Changed wedding attire crafting recipes: (Dyes are derived from gems.)
    • White attire now requires some black dye.
    • Crimson/Dark attire requires black and red dye to be crafted besides the base (white attire) ingredients.
    • Colorful attire requires cyan and magenta dye to be crafted besides the base (white attire) ingredients.
    • All other color cloth pieces can be crafted into white cloth pieces.


  • Changed DD monster drops of wedding attire pieces back to white cloth.
  • Added small % for bosses to drop an ILY Balloon (30 days) (back piece).


  • Updated character creation screen.
  • Characters now show the costume and accessories you're wearing in character select (must log into each character once to update the information).
  • Right click menu was moved from characters in view to the target interface window.
  • Map move window will now close when your character moves.


  • Disabled Winter Tide, until next year!