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Terms of Service

By creating an account and using our online services you acknowledge that you are over the age of 13, or are a legal guardian of an underage user, and agree to the following terms and conditions, infringing or the intent to infringe upon any of these rules will result in account suspension or termination.

Privacy & Data

  1. You agree that your account and everything pertaining your account is yours and yours only. Sharing or gifting accounts is not supported. Selling, buying or trading accounts is not allowed.
  2. You agree that any break of our Terms of Service that happens on your account will yield a suspension or termination of your account, regardless of circumstance.
  3. You accept the following data privacy & usage terms:
    • You agree to receive e-mails regarding your account status and security.
    • You agree to receive promotional e-mails that you have opted into.
    • You accept that requesting account closure may result in your e-mail address being blacklisted from creating more accounts.
    • You accept that third party services utilized and provided through us will have their own Terms of Service that are accepted upon using said services.

General Conduct

  1. You agree to not advertise or promote any other business ventures, or try to recruit users for a different service.
  2. You agree to not engage in abusive behavior, outlined in the following examples or not, the administration has the right to judge any of your behavior through our online services.
    • You agree to not engage in abusive chat practices in any of our platforms or official third party communities.
    • You agree to not engage in harassment, bullying, abuse or griefing of any community member in any of our platforms or official third party communities.
    • You agree to not engage in defamation or single out users for any reason in public chat channels in any of our platforms or official third party communities.
    • You agree to adhere to our public chat rules that must be followed on our platforms and official third party communities:
      • You agree to use English only in server-wide shout chat & international community channels.
      • You agree to not use foul language, that includes insults and derogatory terms in any language, in any public chat channel.
      • You agree to not impersonate or purposefully use another user's name for any malicious intent or abuse.

Third Party Software & Cheating

  1. You agree that you will not try to access, modify, use or spread any files in any of our platforms.
  2. You agree that you will not use any third party software to access or modify active memory or files in any of our platforms.
  3. You agree that you will not use any third party software to perform automated actions or enter commands and keystrokes in any of our platforms.
  4. You agree that if you find a bug or exploit, you will not abuse or spread information on how to abuse it to others.
  5. You agree to not abuse any system in any of our platforms for personal gain. This includes "AFK fishing" on multiple accounts, no more than 5 accounts per user can be used to "AFK fish". A user is a physical person and this limit extends to all machines available to them.

Payment & Virtual Goods

  1. You agree that any virtual currency or goods transaction is final and non-refundable. Seeking third party refunds will be seen as fraudulent and result in the termination of your account.
  2. You agree to waive your right to refund or cancel any purchase once any part of the obtained virtual goods or currency has been actively used.
  3. You agree you are of legal age to use your chosen payment method and that you are the owner of the source of the payment used.
  4. You agree that we reserve the right to refuse the sale of virtual goods or currencies to any user for any reason in any of our platforms.

Legal Disclaimers

  1. You agree to not engage in discussions, participation or intent of any illegal or criminal activities as per the laws of your country of residence through our online platforms and services.
  2. You agree to not trade any virtual goods or currencies on our platforms and online services for real world goods or currencies or digital goods or currencies on other platforms with other users.

Use of Materials

  1. You agree to not use any of our branding or promotional material present on official public facing pages outside of the press/fan kits provided without explicit permission.
  2. You agree to never use "Celestia Online" or "Celestia Luna" or any public branding in any official capacity anywhere. Third party apps and tools created by community members must explicitly state that they are fan projects and not official.