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Merry Winter Tide!

Dec. 23, 2020, noon
winter tide

Holyday Season & Permafrost Invasion

Winter Tide is here! Grandfather Winter is once again visiting Blue Land and spreading joy and cheer all throughout~

North Pole emissaries are awaiting in Alker Harbor with new missives and quests for seasoned adventurers and a toy workshop for the experienced crafters!

Have you heard? Grandfather Winter left a present just for you! Check your Item Mall Warehouse~

Event ends on the 18th of January

Full Event Guide

Mystery Daily Rewards revealed!

Have you been awaiting to find out what those enigmatic question marks could be? Wait no more! Head to the Daily Rewards page to find out!

Daily Rewards

Gem Store Additions

New seasonal goods are available at the Gem Store! Seasonal outfits & warm accessories!