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Say Hi to summer!

June 22, 2021, 8:37 p.m.
June Events

Flora Festival is back!

The mana trees are shedding their magical blossoms and Fairy Valley is coming alive once again~
Visit Alker Harbor and Speak with Eleanor and Charles to find new and exciting event items to collect!

Flora Festival Guide

A new event is here!

A mysterious group of adventurers showed up at the docks of Alker Harbor seeking your help!
New fun and unique quests and rewards await you should you choose to help them~

Multiverse Explorers Guide

Events end on July 20th

Extra Gems Promotion & New Gacha

Buy Gems now through June 28th and you will obtain 50% bonus Gems!

All bonuses are already added up to the Gem amounts you see in the price list.
May not apply to all payment methods/amounts.

Purchase Gems!

A new gacha with unique rewards is here! Are you ready to try your luck?

Mega Fun Gacha