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Happy Lunar New Year!

Feb. 11, 2024, 6 a.m.
lunar new year

Celebratory Festivities

Visit Chen, Hua & Long in Alker Harbor and find out about festival activities and events you can participate in~

  • 🥟 Hunt the legendary Giant Dumpling for goodies and brand new weapons!
  • 🧧 Join Runaway Dumpling events and collect Lucky Envelopes filled with zodiac themed items.
  • 🌙 Fight Spirits for Mystic coins and get unique Costumes & new equipment, including a new Heirlooms set piece!
  • 🎆 Relax in town with fireworks & festive dancers and ask Long, master of legends, for a blessing in this new year~
Event ends on the 5th of March

Full Event Guide

Gem Store Additions

New seasonal items & accessories are available in the Gem Store!